“exposing the reality of living between two worlds ...      
... and bringing hope” 



Ways to Donate.


ICAN is a Charitable Organisation solely supported by donations.We would ask that you consider supporting us financially. Allowing us to continue bringing awareness of Autism Spectrum Conditions to service providers and communities and importantly supporting families in crisis. Our time is given freely as volunteers to this service.
Your Donation/Gift is now "TAX DEDUCTIBLE"

                             ICAN Incorporated
                           National Australia Bank
                                 BSB 082-922
                            Account 941671906

                                or via cheque to
                             ICAN Incorporated
                                P.O box 506
                           Wellington NSW 2820

*One-Click donation by PAYPAL: available soon.


           (remove XX) president XX @autismcarers XX .org

           (remove XX) secretary XX @autismcarers XX .org

           (remove XX) icanadmin XX @autismcarers XX .org

            Thankyou for supporting this vital service.

  If you would like a receipt please email us your details.