“exposing the reality of living between two worlds ...      
... and bringing hope” 

Hands Across The World in Autism

ICAN was contacted by Charity Mbogho. Charity has a son, Luke and they live in Nairobi in Africa.
Charity was struggling to to maintain looking after Luke, providing Luke with essential therapy, and working to financially support themselves. Charity wanted to know if there was some way ICAN could assist her. Charity had never heard Luke speak  as he is none verbal, Charity had never heard the words ‘ I love you mummy’. Luke was also confined to a wheel chair. 
Charities story was shared with the members of ICAN from around the world to see if there was anyway anyone could help her. 
Juls Yates, a wonderful lady who works with Autistic people in the United Kingdom offered to work with Charity and Luke via Social media. The results are amazing! Luke can now sign ‘I love you mummy’, and has been able to get out of his wheel chair! 
Charity and Luke’s challenges are not over by far, but for the first time Charity can communicate with her son and their future is a lot brighter. 
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