“exposing the reality of living between two worlds ...      
... and bringing hope” 

ICAN Inc Presents Autism Spectrum Condition and Domestic and Family Violence Workshop for SHLV Dubbo NSW

October 11th saw ICAN present the inaugural workshop for service providers commisioned by SHLV Dubbo, for services involved with domestic and family violence who come into contact with people and families on the Autism Spectrum.

ICAN was joined by Steve Den-Kaat clinical psychologist, director and founder of Diversminds Psychology Clinic a specialist clinic for Autism Spectrum Conditions, Doctor Judith Crockett PhD.  lecturer at Charles Sturt University. Three perspectives were present -  1) those of the carers, 2)  the person living on the spectrum and  3) the Clinical perspective.

Participents heard interviews with cares and people on the Autism Spectrum not only from Australia but the USA and United Kingdom.

Representatives from several services enjoyed the workshop with comments made at how they were learning so much hearing about Autism Spectrum Conditions from all  perspectives.

At one stage in the workshop participants were broken up into groups for interactvie discussion and problem solving with the new information they now had on how they would now work with clients and their family on the spectrum.

More workshops are planned for 2014.