“exposing the reality of living between two worlds ...      
... and bringing hope” 




Welcome to International Carers Autism Network Incorporated (ICAN).

ICAN is a organisation for carers who have a loved one or someone in their family on the Autism Spectrum.

ICAN aims to empower carers, raise awareness and educate service providers about the special considerations required to understand people on the Autism Spectrum. We are a charity that believes in bringing hope to carers so they can assist their loved ones successfully engage with society.

We believe that autism spectrum condition is a global condition and therefore requires a global response. Our aim is to connect carers globally to build a network of carers sharing their experiences and expertise with other carers and service providers.

ICAN believes that the carer is the professional when it comes to working with their loved ones. Service providers need to listen to the carer and work alongside the carer to achieve a win-win outcome for all involved.

ICAN presents workshops to designed to educate and raise awareness of the particular needs of people with ASC. ICAN uses professionals specifically trainied in Autism Spectrum Conditions to present at their workshops. Often these presenters have autism spectrum condition in their families or are on the spectrum themselves.

The skills that we bring are life skills gained in the care of someone on the Autism Spectrum which we share with people who come into contact with the organisation on a global basis.